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Great Barton Computer Club

About us
The objective of the club is to seek to give all people living in Great Barton who become members, an opportunity for gaining knowledge in the use of computers.

To achieve this, members will give their time, either teaching or learning, via training sessions on a one-to-one basis or in groups.

Help will be given for both the hardware (computers, printers, scanners, modems), the software (Windows, Word, Excel, Internet and other software) and the problems that members encounter.

The aim is that each member will after a short time be able to carry out all the computing tasks they have set themselves, and that some may move on to help others.

In order to benefit from this assistance members pay a modest fee of £12 per year.

The club has a committee consisting of six members:-
Chairman                                         Ken Winter
Secretary                                         Pat Boyes
Treasurer                                         Jane Bream
Software Training co-ordinator         Peter Brindley
Webmaster                                       Ken Winter
Workshop Liaison Officer                 Cedric Pettitt
Membership Liaison Officer             Pam Dennis

Contact us

Our Secretary is Pat Boyes

She can be contacted on 01284 788200 or by email 
Great Barton Computer Club
Great Barton Computer Club

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