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The Editor is Robert Hale who moved to Great Barton in May 2008 and is now a member of The Lions and has created a website for The Lions Clubs of Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket & District. The Lions Club of Stowmarket & District raised over £50,000 last year to support local charities, organisations and individuals in our local community. There is now a new Lions Club - Bury St Edmunds Lions Club - the first new Lions Club in this area for some 30 years.


For information on the Lions please click any of the links below for further information

Lions Club International
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For his "day job" Rob is an Online publisher. His flagship website being THE Gardening WEBSITE, a 20,000+ page rank 5 website which covers every aspect of gardening from garden design and build, garden machinery, tools, grow your own food, hard and soft landscaping, plats, flowers; gardens to visit and even Gardens and Homes FOR SALE through to “Great Gardening Offers”.

THE Gardening WEBSITE is found across the search engines for over 60,000 gardening terms and search strings and receives over one million hits per month. Rob press passes the major Gardening Shows such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court Flower Show as well as major County Shows - of course including the Suffolk Show. With a passion for gardening, sculpture and travel, Rob works from home and publishes websites for the things he most enjoys!

An important revenue stream for THE Gardening WEBSITE is something called affiliate marketing where we publish and promote major gardening merchants through the website and all purchases are tracked and a percentage commission returns to THE Gardening WEBSITE so that in essence it is also a "virtual garden centre".

We work with around 50 gardening merchants covering every aspect of gardening - including High Street names such as John Lewis who sell some fabulous garden furniture as well of course as a wide range of other products and daily, we receive special offers, discount codes and sales updates.

Purchases total tens of thousands of pounds per month - with John Lewis alone, sales can be between £10,000 and 30,000 per month - depending on season. But of course because we have so many merchants, we tactically promote what sells best according to the month of the year and the gardening calendar. We also promote offers to a growing database of gardeners and will be sending over one million email offers over the next year or so.

This business model is very sophisticated and holds great appeal for me having been a Director of a major magazine publishing house because the web is far more sophisticated and dynamic in what can be achieved - and because communication is largely electronic, it of course avoids all the major costs of conventional paper publishing such as print, paper and distribution. It is also far far easier to manage as cause and effect can be dynamically monitored and managed and so if one avenue is delivering to the bottom line - try another!

For the same reason virtually every big name in the High Street and every supplier of any substance globally has a website and the web and e-commerce has become the main arena for tactical sales and the best deals.

Imagine if you were a supplier like John Lewis what the cost would be to promote a 3 day sale in all your retail stores across the country - merchandising, posters, advertising, print, paper, distribution, staff training .............On the web a 3 day sale can be switched on and off quickly, easily and at a fraction of the cost.

We have brought this same business model to with a big difference. Instead of just Gardening Suppliers, we have opened up the entire market covering every aspect of consumer spend on the High Street. So  is your "virtual high street"

AND we have committed - because we are able to easily track every purchase that takes place - that 100% of all commissions received on purchases made through Online purchasing and Advertising revenues comes back to help good causes in our local communities.

So a win win for everyone in Great Barton - the opportunity to receive the very best deals in the High Street market place with a click of a button, AND for a percentage of the commission of those purchases to come back to help
local communities!

If you have any questions - please do give me a call or email me:

Robert Hale
The Lilacs Thurston Road
Great Barton
Bury St Edmunds
Suffolk IP31 2PL

Tel: 01359 233 404 / Mobile 07973 828 177  

THE Gardening WEBSITE    

Find everything and everyone you need to design, build and enjoy your garden

THE Sculpture WEBSITE      

This website evolved from THE Gardening WEBSITE, where Garden Sculpture became so popular, we thought Sculpture merited a website of it's own

These websites show how a professional website can be quickly and easily built and need not cost a fortune. Software is constantly evolving and user friendly software is now readily available. These websites show how this can be applied for Gardening and Sculpture businesses but can of course be available for any type of business.

My Website Limited                

This is the umbrella Company - My Website Limited

Last but not least Land Army Designs - Garden Design and Build in Suffolk by Jane Hamblin

Jane has designed and built over 100 gardens in and around Great Barton and extending to local towns and villages in Suffolk


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